Monday, May 23, 2005

Access to Fun

Ok ya’ll now onto the part you actually wanna know about: the Dierks Bentley concert. The show rocked!!! I really enjoyed the whole experience. Miss Jess and I took a couple friends and met up with her big brother who works with the band. In an attempt to make it a quick recap I’ma try something a bit different…the things I discovered on Friday:

1. While a virtual must at a country concert, cowboy hats can get in the way

2. An all access pass may get you wherever you want to go, but apparently that doesn’t include entry into the venue…even when you are the band.

3. It’s important for the band to have all its members including the guy who plays steel guitar. (yah Gary!)

4. Superman is most certainly not dead (he’s not even all that old) and he still rocks hard.

5. It apparently requires silence in the room when Dierks needs to pee.

6. Billy Currington definitely doesn’t play guitar better than Dierks and Superman likes his job.

7. Privately owned bridges suck…as do the Dixie Chicks’ attitudes.

8. A balcony is the best place to watch a concert.

9. Australian accents are sexy…as are soft Southern drawls (just for the record)

10. Eating a healthy dinner (salad) supposedly offsets however much alcohol you consume later on. (How does that go Kevin?)

11. If Robbie is on a mission, just let him go…otherwise he’ll get lost.

12. Joel rocks whether he’s politely telling the event staff where to put their attitudes or taking care of his sometimes dumb little sisters.

13. Boats that sit in the harbor untouched really should be fair game.

14. It is possible to get lost on an island even when the freeway makes a complete circle.

15. Mai-Tai's are BAD!!!!

Friday was incredible. Anything I forgot Miss Jess? ;-)
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