Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You're Invited

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Ok well technically, I'm invited. But ya'll get to share vicariously. The other day, I opened the mail to find one of the best invitations I have ever received. It read:

The City of ********** Invites you to join us for the Fire Chief Change of Command. Current Fire Chief Lucifer "The Prince of Darkness" Beelzebub will be retiring effective April 30, 2006. On May 1, 2006, Deputy Fire Chief Michael the archangel of light will assume command as the Fire Chief for the City of ********.

Of course the use of italics is at my discretion. I must say, the mood around that department is getting more light by the day...dare I say some are almost giddy. I have already made plans for the 30th to chauffer several inebriated firefighters home after the celebration.

There is actually a countdown posted at one of the stations that reads: "xx days until Satan's demise." hehehe This department has been through hell the last few's such a relief that it's finally coming to an end.

JD will finally be able to relax a little (well after the hearings are over with in a couple more months. On that note, I've done the research and JD shouldn't have any problems coming out on top); my dad can stop working on that ulcer; and the rest of the good guys can stop worrying about losing promotions because of their completely legal union activities.

I have already started practicing my happy dance. This day is several years in the making...only 18 more days. WooHoo!! That count actually brightened an otherwise gray and gruesome day around here.

More updates to follow as the time draws nearer. :-D