Friday, June 17, 2005

The Merit of Polite Discussion

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Ok so one thing that I don't want to let get lost in the changeover is the ongoing discussion that has occurred since I posted No Longer Silent yesterday. It is one of the most civilized disagreements I have ever been a part of, so I am going to repost the comments as a post and then hopefully we (and anyone else who wants to weigh in) can continue it.

An Anonnymous reader posted:
Please don't miscontrue my commentary as a personal attack. However, I must say that it is slightly ignorant to say that following only the mainstream media and the right wing makes you well read. Thats almost as absurd as saying that Fox News is fair and balanced. Hey - if a media organization leans right, why should they try and lie about it? There are plenty of left-winged news organizations as well - just own up to it.Also, it is important to note that someone being against the war does not necessarily make them against the soldiers that are forced to fight in it. Personally - I find this war to be not only immoral and unjust, but also unnecessary. I mean, call me crazy - but if you want to sincerely support a soldier, I think you shouldn't send them to war to die unless it is absolutely necessary. In my view, being against the war means being FOR the wellbeing of the soldiers.Again, just commentary - don't take it as a personal attack or anything.I have plenty of loved ones wrapped up in the military with this war too, I understand your emotional attatchment to the issue. =)

My response:
First off, thank you for taking the time to weigh in on this. As for how I take your comments: you would have to be someone I know well and trust in order for me to take anything you say personally; so no personal attack is construed by your comment.Secondly, I don't claim to be all-knowing in the political realm, I like to always know what is going on in the world, but I was Pre-Law for four years, not Poli Sci. What I write here is my opinion...I state that repeatedly, so it's "baked-right-in". My statement that I am well read extends far beyond the narrow reaches of the please don't think that I obtain my information solely from internet writers. (though I do believe the few I read regularly to be competent in their writings...again that would be my opinion)It is also my opinion that there is NO unbiased news in this country. Each story is written by a human and as fallible humans (no I'm not going to spark a religious debate here) we will always put our own spin on the events...very rarely do you find a journalist who can completely cover their own opinion with straight facts. It is possible, but it is not common.You comment on owning up to either being on the left or the right...but how many MSM outlets will admit that the heavily favor the left over the right? (Not an attack, just a simple question) It has been my experience that media groups to the right are far more forthcoming with the fact that they have a political preference rather than pretending it is a correct vs. incorrect issue. I don't take either side to be Gospel my opinion, there is only one place to find that. I do however have the right to identify more with one side than the do you. (That would be one of those fantastic freedoms protected by our military)As for this war in particular...part of supporting your soldier, or the soldiers in general, is supporting what they do as well. You don't have to like war...I personally think war is one of the most hideous things about the human race...however, it is also my experience that the majority of soldiers believe in what they do...otherwise they wouldn't choose to risk their lives. (Before that comment gets taken out of context, by simply enlisting, one acknowledges that war may be a part of the deal)
It has been my experience, that the soldiers who speak out so adamantly are not the, the majority of soldiers are out there day-in and day-out performing their jobs to the highest standard...they don't have time for grandstanding. Again, I appreciate oyur comments, and I hope that you will not take any of this as a personal attack as well.

If more people in the world could disagree as politely as us - it would be a much better place. :)Know that I hold respect for you for being able to portray your reasoning with eloquence rather than hostility... It is a rare trait.However - when looking into elistment, it is important to note that a good number of new recruits are shuffled in right after high school, and hustled into a contract, not fully acknowledging the ramifications that it may hold for them in the future. The military tends to glossy up the benefits of it all (guaranteed pay, college money, travel) and smooth over the scary stuff. These are kids, scared about waht to do next with their lives, getting sweet talked by recruiters and dollar signs - and next thing they know, they are on the front lines saying "Oh Shit, what have I gotten myself into..." This is the case in all or the people I know in who have joined the military.Which is not to say that there aren't a good number of soldiers who did in fact join up to save the world. And hey, hats off to them. They've got guts. It seems ridiculous to me to portray every soldier as some brave strong guy, when I know for a fact that deep down a lot of them are scared kids who were just looking for some direction in life.Anyways, like I said - I respect you for being able to reason out your opinions without hostility. If more people in the right wing (as well as the left) could do this as well as you, bipartisanship wouldn't be such a dirty word.

As I was perusing Michelle Malkin's blog today, I decided to read a new journalist...I really enjoy his's more academic than many and after reading his credentials, it's no wonder. heheh. Anyway, the article that caught my attention was this one. I recommend reading it if you are up to challenging your mind and your world view.