Monday, April 10, 2006

Day for Reflection

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Yesterday was my other half's birthday. I had every intention of posting this on time...early even; but life being the ever unpredictable creature that it is, took precedence. I didn't, however, want her day to go unnoticed. So, I'ma take just a minute now to tell ya'll about a fantastic woman who is my other half.

We haven't known each other for our whole lives, and we aren't what you would traditionally call best friends; but we are the other half of one another. To explain who we are, think about a coin...she is one side and I am the other. We are different in alomost every way imaginable. You could never mistake one of us for the other (well unless you got caught in the cross-fire of our minds) but neither could you mistake us as completely separate entities. From either side, you see a complete person but to see that person's entirety of being, you have to see both sides.

She is so many things that I am not. When I'm scared, she's brave. When I'm confused, she is absolutely certain. If I'm lost, she has several paths for me to choose from. We are truly complimentary. She resides in darkness, I reside in light. When she loses hope, I have steadfast faith. Whatever pain, sickness or exhaustion exists is shared. So too are the happy times.

We are also brutally honest with one another in a way that few know or understand. I know that whatever happens, MOH is on my team...more than that, she doesn't stand behind me, she stands next to me. I don't need words for her to understand me and vice versa. There is no one I would rather walk with through life's twists and turns.

MOH, may this year be just the beginning of a fabulous decade. It's finally you time to shine...I have every confidence that this is the start of great things. I love you.