Friday, August 05, 2005

Society of Secrets

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This is powerful,
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it came from an awesome site called Post Secret. I can't take credit for finding it though, Ingrid has been on top of this cool site for a while. Reading her post yesterday made me start thinking about secrets...we all have them...I know I do.

It's kind of an odd thing for me to say...for those who know me, I am an open book. But I still have many secrets...except for those I keep for others, I don't intentionally keep secrets. If people could/would recognize what they see for the reality of it all I probably wouldn't have any. My reality is out in the open, most people just don't see it...I guess I make myself too's like looking for an object that is right under your nose the whole time.

This blog is something that most people in my everyday life don't know about. There are only a handful of my friends who know about it. Most people in my life wouldn't understand my need to write all of these thoughts down. But, I figure it's cheaper than therapy...though therapy definitely had it's place in making me the (mostly well-adjusted) person that I am. Secrecy is also the reason that I don't use anyone's real name on here...besides the fact that real names are immaterial to my story, few of the people mentioned know that this forum for expression even exists.

For example, if JD or Clark had any idea that I write about them and the things that I write...well it wouldn't be pretty. But I have to let it out somewhere, right??