Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Peek Into the Past

The purpose of this post is to give some background for the next ranting that I need to let out today. I am beyond furious (no I don't know what word is next in line) today... So here is a glimpse of my past and soon you'll see my present...

There was a guy I went to high school with who was the best friend of my first love, Daniel. I guess he figured that because of my “association” with his friend I'd kick down to him too. He used to corner me and trap me every chance he got. I knew that he had date raped three other girls and I was always scared of him. But he'd always play if off like we were just playing around.

One time though when we were in EMS training together, while I was strapped to a back board, (we all had to be to get certified, it's supposed to teach you compassion for your victims) he climbed on top of me and started trying to get my shirt off, as though I would just be quiet??? I started yelling, because I couldn't move. I was completely helpless, which is the worst feeling in the world, and Daniel, his friend, saw what was happening and literally threw this guy off of me. I thought Daniel was going to beat him senseless.

When I finally got unstrapped and calmed down, my Daniel tried to get me to tell him what happened. The fucker thought that somehow I had led his friend on. It was a mess. Anyway, about two years after that, long after we had broken up and each moved on, he apologized for not believing me and for being so blind as to the person his (by then) ex-friend was.

Both guys are now firefighters who work in the same department as my dad and some of my good friends and a couple ex's. They all know the person he is and HATE him. They asked me to file charges against him (for several other things) but I wouldn't do it. I knew that the working environment he has every single day is far worse than anything the law could ever do to him...karma comes back around.

JD is his captain… are ya’ll believing in karma yet? ;-)

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