Thursday, August 04, 2005

Service Announcement

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This week’s installment of Seven Inches of Service discusses the topic of: what we do to keep our soldiers close to us when they are deployed.

Here is mine:

I think that just about every army girlfriend/wife I know has her own little neuroses when it comes to rituals and routines to keep our soldiers close to us when they are halfway around the world. I, most certainly, am no exception.

While Clark was deployed I went running every night in an ugly, beat-up sweatshirt with the name and emblem of his base on it. I also slept with a small bear that has the Army crest embroidered onto it…we were those cheesy people who had matching bears and neither of us had any problem admitting it. The one he had smelled like my perfume and the one I had smelled like Chrome…which has to be about the sexiest cologne around.

I still have a blanket on my bed, well it's actually under my pillow, that smells like him, well it smells a little like Iraq too, but that is an oddly comforting smell. Right after he got back to the states he gave me a set of his dog tags. I wore them nonstop until he was home for good. I still have them and while I don’t wear them around my neck anymore, one is around that bear and the other is on my key chain. I still can’t stand to let them get too far from my sight. I also used to wear his favorite fatigue cap. We must have looked really cute walking around like that because none of his officers ever said anything to him about it.

Most girls keep pictures of their soldier everywhere…I was no different. There is still a collage of pictures on my desk at work and scattered around my house. The whole time Clark was deployed, I kept a cut out picture of him driving on my gauge cluster in my car so he could be my co-pilot. He laughed at me for that one, but I thought it was cute, when I have to drive somewhere new by myself I put it back up…and I don’t get lost as much as I usually would. Maybe his sense of direction is wearing off on me. ;-) I can only hope!!

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