Friday, July 15, 2005

Graphic Images

Last night I watched Three Kings with my mom. I love that movie…yeah it’s fictional, but there is so much reality in the different characters…and well, you can’t go wrong with Mark Whalberg. (In my not so humble opinion, anyway). I am one of those strange girls who really likes action and war movies. It’s a rare occasion that my arm has to be twisted to get me to watch action instead of chick-flicks. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love some more normal girl movies; but my top five favorites (besides Audrey movies of course): Basic, Fast and the Furious, Fight Club, Three Kings, and Black Hawk Down.

I don’t enjoy watching all war movies, and I’m really not so morbid. I do watch most everyone that comes out, at least once…I want to know what’s in it. I think, sometimes we (as the general public) need to see images and stories like this…to remind us that war isn’t beautiful…but sometimes even in horrific circumstances you can find beauty in the simple things
. I also think that it can help us have better understanding and empathy for those that have gone before us.

I remember watching
Saving Private Ryan and afterward I had an overwhelming desire to call my grandfather and just tell him that I love him. He was career Air Force…he flew on bombers through two wars and several “conflicts”. He is an incredible man who has seen horrific things and has remained mostly silent on them all these years. He is still very vocal in veteran’s affairs and other political causes…he is a hero to me. Seeing some of what he went through, helped me better understand him and his inner demons…some of the very same shadows that plague Clark…so, in a way, watching my grandfather has helped me understand Clark and how to deal with the aftermath of his tour.

Black Hawk Down...those three words sparked one of the biggest fights Clark and I ever had. It's one of my favorite movies; and I have some friends that were there. But Clark wanted me to watch it while he was gone and he wanted me to send it...I was the only thing (besides myself) that he asked for and didn't get. I couldn't bring myself to watch it with him gone.

I tried valiantly, but I never made it past the scene where the wife misses a phone call and that’s the last chance she had. It was way too close to home and I couldn’t deal with it. I was never one of those girls who would bury her head in the sand…I watched the news, I read the papers, I listened to the accounts of Clark and other soldiers; but I still had to go through the days and nights of uncertainty and fear…so why would I want to bombard myself with those very same images?

The week before they went overseas, his crew would sit around every night and have war movie marathons...I've heard that it's not an uncommon thing to do, but i don't understand it at all. The one movie that got to Clark, as in he actually called me and had been crying...he was a mess...was We Were Soldiers. It really got under his skin. I haven't seen it since it first came out, I bawled all through it...especially the part where the wives have to see officers coming down their street. Again, images that hit too close to my heart.

It amazes me how much images can influence and affect us as humans…though I think that it’s what sets us apart…any opinions?

If ya'll need any reminder that there is humanity everywhere, look what Michelle has up today.
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