Friday, April 28, 2006

Doing a Happy Dance

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I am finally back at work after an eventful morning. The swearing-in ceremony went well (even if it did run a tad long) I'm excited to see what new things this chief will implement and how he plans to clean up the former chief's mess.

Why do we despise the former chief (aka Satan) so much? Well, there are a variety of reasons; one of the most prominent being that he attempted to impune my Dad and JD's integrity. You can say many things about both of those men, but their integrity is not something wither of them have ever taken lightly.

I've written before about all the drama JD has had with the chief in regards to promotions/union activities and the like. As a side-note, JD's case goes to trial next month. Should be a good ruling, but we'll have to wait and see for sure.

I haven't talked much about my Dad's involvement. My dad is a quiet and determined man. He has a gentle spirit, but don't even make the mistake of viewing his quietness as weakness. My dad is about as tough as they come. He has great leadershp ability (though he would disagree) and people not only trust him, but they follow him. I could make a good size list of firefighters he has mentored in his 30 years with this department. JD is just one of them.

My dad has been active on the union and negotiations boards for as long as I can remember. He was and is a good dad; but his work has always not only followed him home but ingrained itself into everyday life. Until very recently, he has lived and breathed two things: the fire department and his family. He has sacrificed of himself for years to take care of the firefighters as a group and in turn the safetyof this community.

So, all that said, someone coming through and claiming my father to be underhanded and a liar didn't sit well with me, nor other members of the department. Add to that the shady hiring and promoting practices of Satan and the fact that he deliberately deceived the residents of this town in order to get an initiative passed that diverts money to the fire department the way he wanted not the ways they needed it.

Ok, end rant. It is more than sufficient to say that I am both thrilled and relieved that we officially have the new Chief as of 11:35am. (Not that I was keeping track or anything.) Gonna go do a happy dance after work to celebrate. It's my night...starting tomorrow I am the designated driver for several firefighters whose celebrations will most likely last through the weekend.