Monday, June 05, 2006

What Needs Said

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Pretty much anyone who has read more than a handful of my posts knows that I am one of the most pro-military girls you will come across. I don't believe in Magnetic Patriotism, but I do believe in supporting the men and women of our armed forces in the most real ways I can find. Usually, that means writing letters/Christmas cards, sending care packages, saying thank you whenever possible and doing what i can to get their own words out.

Not too long ago, I came across an editorial letter written by a local soldier that I couldn't help but pass on to all of you.

Just yesterday, I found a post written by another local military man. A bona fide Seal who just happens to be like a little brother to me. I am so proud of poquito rojo as my brothers call him. So, I wanted to tak a few minutes to share his words:
I don't like the war, but I'm sitting here waiting for an IA (Individual Augmentation) to come my way and order me off to the land of the sand people.

It isn't your (or 'our' for that matter) choice whether or not we go to war, the best we can do is suck it up and support the ones that have to deal with the bull shit.


When I was back home I didn't think it mattered to the ones that were off and away what was said back in the states. I always thought they were too far away to really care. Now that I'm here and I've seen the effect it can have on the ones here with me, I have come to appreciate what just a little bit of support from home can do. And how much damage even the smallest bit of dissent can cause.
Go read the rest. It's the least we can do when he's giving so much.

PR stay safe. Take care of you...we'll see you soon.