Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Glimpse of Sun

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I finally saw a sliver of light through the clouds that surrounded my existence yesterday. Seeing as it was Wednesday, I had Fire Cadets...I wasn't looking forward to it...nothing to do with the kids, but I had a massive migraine and the three vin-vin I had taken already hadn't even touched it...needless to say it was a challenge to put on a happy face. When I got to the station...I was twenty minutes early...I saw my older brother and some of the other firefighters that I went to high school with all standing around with my big deal, except that my least favorite one (if you need a refresher read this: Peek Into the Past) was with my kids as well.

Great, I'm tired, cranky and in pain and I get to deal with him and of course I have to pretend like it doesn't bother me to deal with him...see I'm not "that" know, the drama queen who pitches a fit everytime something happens that she doesn't like. So I act like a grown-up...I'm not friendly toward him, but I know how to be mama raised me right. First Daniel came over to talk to me...and after I talked to him, I went to see my dad...I needed to know what I was coming up against today...and could I handle the drama??

Then I steeled myself to be professional and see to the best interests of my kids. Here's what I'm talking about:
Some People's Kids. After I wrote that post I talked to JD...for the record, he is the only one I approached about this problem besides my father...I decided after talking to JD that I should just bide my time until the climate was a bit more open...

Well apparently JD had a talk with the guy (let's call him Michael...oh come on, ya'll know that mine is the only real name on here) because yesterday he was all kinds of sweetiness and light. Michael is usually polite to me...he has to be, I have more friends in that department than he does. But yesterday he was downright deferential...I was shocked!! He asked me if I would be willing to allow my cadets to work on the 4th and whether I would be willing to head up the operations team that morning since I know far more about it than he does...yes sports fans, he actually admitted that I know more than he does on this area! But wait, there is more...he voluteered his staff to do whatever I needed them to do. I was shocked!! Of course none of that registered on my face...I am a damn good poker player after all.

We're not done yet...then he asked me how much money their Association usually gives my kids for helping out...apparently no one would tell him or no one actually knew the amount...either way he asked me and I told him...he said he would double it. I made him clarify (in Daniel's presence of course) that we would indeed get that much and that as far as my cadets are concerned, it is my show to run. He agreed...plain and simple.

So I guess it pays to have people in power on my side...for the record, JD would have done this for me long before our current ordeal started which is the only reason I asked him this time around. So I got what I wanted from Michael and the Association and I kept all of my dignity...not that I should be surprised, but I am glad that my kids don't have to suffer for my past.

There is sun behind the clouds after all...