Thursday, November 03, 2005

Deck the Sandbox With Boughs of Holly?

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With the holidays quickly approaching we thought the topic of how we survive the holidays and the traditions we create/keep/abandon while our soldiers are gone was appropriate. It obviously gets very tough during this time of the year when your loved one is away, however, many girls come up with creative ideas on which to include their soldiers.

First off, I think its neccessary for friends and family to step up the support system. Holidays, special occassions, and birthdays leave us feeling very sad when our soldiers are away fighting for our country. The more support and love we can get at this time helps greatly, even though we miss our men more than we can explain. If you know your friend is depressed while her man is out, please be there for her.

Another very cute idea is that Army girlfriends and wives send their soldiers "Christmas in a box". You can include anything you wish...most common items are small Christmas trees with little decorations, lights, and anything else small that they could fit in their living quarters or desk. The same with any other holiday, like Turkey Day, Birthdays, and 4th of July. Its the small things that remind them of home...These deployed men love to see that their women did not forget about them during this time.

Couples learn that flexibility is a key for the holidays. If you realize that a military couple is having Christmas a few months before or after December 25th, its ok!!! We have learned to preserve certain traditions even if that means that we cant celebrate them like "normal" people. We think its wonderful to have Christmas a month late but physically with our soldiers. Yes, this can mean leaving up all Christmas decor until they get home. :)

Each and every couple have their own relationship and traditions so they must come up with things that work for them. Its just important to remember that they are far away with no family, so we have to help them! They love when you bring the holidays to them with fun and goofy packages. Although its killing us inside, staying positive on the outside also helps them. They want to be here with us just as much as we want them keep it cool. Let them know you miss them, but yall can celebrate later and make up for lost time. *wink*