Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Youth Day

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This past Saturday was
Youth Day. That means nothing to anyone who lives outside this area but if you live in a small town, odds are you have a festival very much like Youth Day. Around here, it's little more than an excuse for the entire town to be drunk in public without repercussions.

Anyway, G and her sissy were tending for A who was out of town. Youth Day is always wild and crazy so they even brought in an extra bouncer to help Kalohe out. I knew that if I wanted a spot inside the bar I had to be there early...I also figured I would need to help out if they got slammed.

And slammed we were, from 10:15 on we were packed! There were times when the line of people ordering drinks was three deep at the bar. I bar backed for about five hours. It took all of us to keep up with demeand.

It was exhausting, but fun all the same. Kinda like old times revisited. G hadn't been back to tend on a Saturday since she quit in December. The band was good. MOH, you would have appreciated the lead singer's song who did a damn good cover of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah.

The rundown of Saturday, in numbers:

5 -- hours I worked in 4in heels

4 -- number of tequila shots and drinks spilled on me

3 -- number of men who asked to take me home

2 -- number of plastic party cups I had thrown at me

1 -- number of marriage proposals I recieved

0 -- number of glasses/cups/shots that I spilled or dropped

In reference to the men asking to take me home I have a funny story. It goes something like this: I'm working (doing dishes at this point, i had just cocktailed and had tons of glasses to restock) and there are two drunk friends sitting across from me on the other side of the bar.

Drunk #1: You're really pretty
Drunk #2: Yeah you are
Me: Aww, thanks guys. How are ya'll doing tonight
Drunk #2: We're good, getting drunk is good
Drunk #1: I wanna take you home tonight
Me: hehehe no thanks hon
Drunk #1: But I want to take you home with me
Drunk #2: Yeah he really wants you to go home with him
Drunk #1: See, I really do. You should come home with me
Me: That's sweet guys, but not gonna happen
Drunk #1: So you aren't gonna come home with me?
Me: Nope, sorry not gonna happen
Drunk #1: Then will you at least let me leave you a tip?

He left me a good tip too...but he seems to have the concept a bit backwards. But that's fine, I'll take his money. hehehe. G, Sissy and I were laughing so hard over that.