Monday, July 25, 2005

Gotta Love DCUs

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BDUs and DCUs: quite possibly the two best acronyms the army has to offer. I love a man in uniform! I have always liked men in uniform, but until Clark came along, I never fully understood the allure of camouflage. The first picture I ever saw of Clark was of him facing the camera, dressed in his BDUs, middle finger extended and a mischievous grin on his face…apparently, that was all it took. I was smitten.

I know that we’ve all written a lot about the huge downsides of deployment. All of it is true…deployments suck; but there is one little trade off that works in our favor…DCUs…I’ll take those over the BDUs anyday. Whenever Clark was in his, I wanted to rip them right back off of him. Not only is it about the sexiest view around, but it also made me damn proud to be his girlfriend.

Clark’s demeanor is always a little bit different when he’s in his uniform…not just the different conduct rules…it’s deeper than that. He stands a little straighter, he’s a little more serious, a little more focused. I love just watching him work and just simply interact with people as “army Clark”.

I remember so vividly the morning Clark stepped off the tarmac in Washington after a year in Iraq. In that moment he was exhausted, dirty, and about the most beautiful man in the world to me. He looked incredible in those DCUs, with his fatigue cap tilted back slightly on his head…I barely let him in the door of the hangar before I jumped on him. The pictures of that morning show the bemused faces of the soldiers that came through the door after him.

All that next week, he was in uniform everywhere he went, since he was working nonstop so that we could go home as soon as possible. One afternoon we went to a mall and because he was in uniform, complete strangers stopped him to say thank you and shake his hand. I was so overcome by it all…all I could think was, “damn, I’m a lucky girl.”

Part of me still feels that way. Whenever I come across a picture of him in uniform, or pick up his dog tags off my dresser or car keys…I am so proud of him and for the record, his DCUs still get to me.