Friday, May 05, 2006

What I Am

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My darling Rie tagged me, so here it is.

I AM: a good friend. very articulate. stronger than I think. more stubborn than I should be.
I WANT: a job that pays all my bills in the same month. true love. kids.
I WISH: for love, happiness and good health....for everyone in my life.
I HATE: mornings. slow drivers. hypocrites. pretention.
I MISS: having breakfast with g-ma every morning. the ocean. waking up next to someone. Santanas.
I FEAR: lawn gnomes, green parrots, suffocation, losing people I love.
I HEAR: copier. Shaggy singing Angel. typing.
I WONDER: where I will be in five years.
I REGRET: nothing. I live my life without regret. I've made some bad choices in my life, but they have shaped who I am.
I AM NOT: as intelligent as my father. patient. insincere. currently in love.
I DANCE: to all kinds of music in my own home...sometimes it's just to cheer up my roomates.
I SING: all the time. to whatever is on. everywhere except the dinner table.
I CRY: when I am frustrated. when I'm lonely. when pictures of him with his daughter catch me off guard
I AM NOT ALWAYS: brave. as kind as I should be. as happy as I appear
I MAKE: people laugh. really good brownies. big mistakes. promises that I keep.
I WRITE: my feelings. advice I wish had been given to me.
I CONFUSE: myself. sometimes others.
I NEED: love. laughter. music. a strong man. to keep learning.
I HAVE: too many pairs of flip flops. a big heart. amazing friends. MOH.
I LOVE: sunsets over the ocean. driving fast. hearing men speak hawaiian. my family and friends. him, I always will.
I SHOULD: lose 15 pounds. work out more. shop less. tell the people I care about "I love you" more than I do.
I TAG: I don't usually tag people, but I would love to see what ya'll have to say. I want to see everyone's so to get the ball rolling, I tag: Amelie, Chrissy, Judy, Bette and Crazy Bastard