Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Good Thing I'm Cute

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Because sometimes I'm as dumb as a box of rocks.

Saturday night, at about 7:30-7:45, I had Grace and Mamacita with me in the car. We had just gone grocery shopping and were on the way home. I was about halfway across town when I saw a cop car flip around in the middle of the street and pull behind me.

About thirty seconds later I came to a stop at the I was stopping, I had this sneaking suspicion that the cop was going to pull me I ran through the checklist in my head:
  • I'm driving the speed limit

  • I signaled when i changed lanes

  • my tags are up to date

  • I didn't swerve around or anything

  • all passengers are wearing seatbelts

  • What am I missing??

    Sure enough, as soon as I pulled through the intersection on the green light...on come the big lights... of course I pulled over immediately. I turned down the stereo and rolled down my window as I got my license ready. The cop walked over to my window and the following exhance ensued:

    Officer: Ma'am do you know why I stopped you?
    Me: No Officer I don't (and I really didn't)
    Officer: You really don't know why I'm stopping you?
    Me: No sir. I really don't.
    Officer: Where are you coming from?
    Me: from the grocery store, I'm just on my way home.
    Officer: Ma'am, you really don't know why I pulled you over?
    Me: No sir, I really don't (I'm starting to get annoyed and he looks like he's gonna laugh)
    Officer: (in a sarcastic "you idiot" tone) Ma'am, you don't have your lights on.
    Me: Ooops. My running lights were on...I guess I didn't notice.
    Officer: Ma'am have you been drinking?
    Me: No sir, apparently I'm just slow. The street was lighted and I didn't notice. But no sir, I haven't been drinking.
    Officer: umm...ok then. How about you turn your lights on now. And ma' safely.

    ummm....I said "ooops". That should totally count. Did I mention that Grace and my mom are laughing their asses off this entire time. But did either of them notice we were driving without lights??? I thought not.

    Somedays I wonder how I am let out in public...