Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Different Planets

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In case you wondered whether men and women actually think differently, allow me to offer the following exchange as evidence that, yes, men and women think very differently.

To preface my story, I was home from work this morning with excruciating joint pain. My Lupus flared up and it hurt to even contemplate moving. My mom called and because will always be my mom and as such I will always be her baby girl, she decided that she and dad needed to check on me. They came over and dad was sent to "diagnose" me. It went something like this:

Dad: Are you sick?
Me: My Lupus is flared up and I'm in pain.
Dad: Is it just in your joints?
Me: It's in my joints and consequently, my head hurts.
Dad: do you have a fever?
Me: No it's just the Lupus.
Dad: DO you still have meds?
Me: yeah, some. I will take a Vioxx tonight, it should help.
Dad: ok do that.
enter mom
Mom: So, what's the diagnosis?
Dad: Audrey needs to see a rhumatologist again.
Mom: Ok, I'm going to make some chicken soup.

She was completely serious...that was her only response...I'm actually wondering now whether or not she even heard what my dad said. But, in case anyone wonders...the soup was good.

I give them a bad time, but my family is awesome. hehehe.