Thursday, January 12, 2006

Charmed Existence

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I have finally crashed. After six or more weeks of riding high on a manic swing, I have crashed. I am pretty subdued this week as a result of that. It wasn't the worst crash I've had, but it was pretty ugly. Grace and Ko'u nui kalohe had to put me back together or at least listen as I fell. I am blessed... truly and deeply. I love my life but when I crash is when all the doubts and fears overwhelm me. I questioned things and people I had no business questioning...

I am however glad to say that I just about have my head on straight again. These lyrics floated through my dreams both last night and the night before...

I'm not so scared of dying
I've got my health, my friends and family too
I'm just afraid of living and not being sure...
I've led a charmed life

No this ain't no hard luck story
Some have had better and some have had worse
But then again until you've walked in my shoes
You'd have to say I've led a charmed life

I believe it's neither wrong or right
To cross that line from the dark to the light
And I say, "Even in the worst of times against all
odds, I seem to have led a charmed life."