Wednesday, July 11, 2007

gettin' up again

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The last 48 hours have been one drama after another. I swear I thought the sky was falling yesterday. From work to family to life to emotions...everything seemed out of place and I felt like with the karma I had I must have bombed an orphanage in my past life.

I had a meeting in the morning that was supposed to be nothing more than "crossing the t's and dotting the i's" but it turned into a cluster of epic proportions. As of this afternoon, 90% of the drama is resolved...thanks to the world's best caterer and a fantastic six year old.

In the afternoon yesterday, Adrian and I went to look at bikes of the motorcycle variety. Adrian has wanted a bike for a long time and he and I have had all the talks and after everything, I am behind his decision completely. That's huge for me...most of you know how I feel about bikes in general. Anyway, we went to this place where supposedly his friend had hooked him up...not so much. These people were shady. We picked out the bike, "It's not a Nighthawk or a's a my mood" we wanted and got to the part where they run my credit. The salesguy leaves for about 15 minutes and when he comes back he has a copy of my credit report. The conversation goes something like this:
Salesguy: you have really good credit.
Me: I know.
Salesguy: You qualify for all the promotional offers.
Me: I figured I would
Salesguy: You don't qualify for a loan.
Me: Que? What? How's that?
Salesguy: Two of your credit cards are near their limits.
Me: Are they maxed out? Are they in arrears?
Salesguy: Well, no.
Me: Are they in good standing?
Salesguy: Well, yeah.
Me: Then explain to me how I qualify for the promos, I have excellent credit and I can't get a loan.
Salesguy: haven't had credit for that long.
Me: I'm 26, i have a good job and 7 years of excellent credit...that's unheard of. I can't be any older than I am.
Salesguy: could get a co-signer
Me: Um, in case you missed it: I AM THE CO-SIGNER!!
Salesguy: well you could come back with someone else
Adrian: Uh no. We're out. Thanks for being shady. Babe there are other bikes in this town.

OY!! And Adrian was so disappointed too...that sucked!!! Grr. And I haven't even started to go into the actual drama of the last two days...perhaps when there is some resolution...