Monday, April 09, 2007


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Today is My Other Half's birthday. So first off, Happy Birthday, MOH!!!

I am so blessed to have this lady as my other half (I think Rollins must have known her well in other life because: I could never pound words into lines to match the velocity of your presence); she is such an amazing woman and it is my ferverent hope that this year she will finally begin to receive all of the good things she so richly deserves. I think this is going to be a big year for MOH. It seems to me that pieces are falling into place exactly as they are supposed to and I expect that great things will happen in the near future.

So, without a lot of fanfare: Here's to you, MOH! Happy Birthday!! May you have all the love and light possible both now and through the ages.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Project Reports and PowerPoint Rangers

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So it would seem that life around here is getting back to normal...well as normal as it can for the time being. I am settling back into a work routine and while I come home utterly exhausted everyday, I am working full-time again. They are still being careful with me so as not to cause a relapse of any kind, but all in all I am keeping up. The giant AAR project which has been the bane of my professional life since December should be off my desk and on the Director's desk by Tuesday, at the latest. That means all 650+ pages should be available to the Governor by the end of the month. It's six weeks late; but I hear that's right on schedule for government work.

There is some sadness around the office though. One of my coworkers, a guy I truly admire and respect is no longer in our office. He was offered a matchless opportunity to further not only his military career, but allow him some additional professional growth. I am really excited for him. At the same time, I'm a little sad for myself. He's one of the people I look up to the most, I have learned so much from him and his intergrity and presence are both things I have tried to emulate.

He gave me his cubicle when he left. It puts me next to one of his closest friends (Captain E) and another of the guys who has shown me the ropes and helped me become a better all around human being. I'm so sad to have lost my "PowerPoint Ranger" as I called him. I wasn't ready to be done learning from him. I certainly wasn't ready to lose his daily sarcasm and wit...he made work a fun place to be. And the man is definitely skilled at fucking with people's heads...always a good show.

The funny thing is, I always knew he was fantastic and a good teacher; I even knew he was a great writer...what I didn't know until I was cleaning out his desk for him (he's a pretty humble guy even with the attitude) is that the whole world had the opportunity to see how talented he is.

I present to you, as just one further example of the phenomenal caliber of people I work with, my very own: PowerPoint Ranger