Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm here

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It's been weeks since I last posted...that's never happened before and hopefully won't happen again. My life has turned upside down and righted itself more times than I can count. There are several reasons for my absence and while there are some things I won't talk about here; I can at least give ya'll a decent update.

Work is good. It's stressful but easier than where I was before. The pay is better too which makes dragging my ass out of bed at 5:30 each morning slightly more bearable. I've been putting in some extra time there just trying to get caught up from the people before me who didn't do the job properly. No big deal...I'm used to streamlining new jobs.

My computer access has changed drastically from where it used to be...I'm rarely even on at home now. It seems that when I'm there everyone demands my attention and I don't hardly get five uninterrupted minutes online. And as for phones...well after being on one for 8 hours straight, I have little desire to use one when I get home...

My life is going well too...better than it has in a long time. Last time I posted, I alluded to there being a cute boy in the picture...he is fantastic. I haven't been this happy in years. Cute Boy as Grace and G call him is really good for me. We have become those people that I usually make fun of. We are ridiculously sappy and adorable and at times, downright pathetic...and I'm loving every minute of it.

He treats me like a princess and wants to slay my dragons...but unlike the others, he's not intimidated by the fact that I can wield a sword pretty skillfully on my own. He's a real live grown-up and that is an incredibly nice change. We get along with each other's friends and everything is going well. There are hurdles and obstacles to negotiate, but so far we've done a good job of tackling them as a team.

It's really nice to finally find a man who knows who he is and isn't afraid to communicate with me. He's even strong enough to stand up to me....I haven't found a whole lot of those. My good friend Niccola has always said that she hopes to find an Innocent Man in the Billy Joel sense of the term. I wasn't fully convinced that they even existed outside the song...but I think I found one. Cute boy really is all of the things I've searched for...I'm still trying to figure out why he's so taken with me. hehe.

On the downside of all this light, MOH has had the lionshare of darkness and that saddens me deeply. As in all things, there is balance to everything and we share the good and bad the same. MOH, any and all light I have, you are welcome to...not that you need to be told, but sometimes it's good to be reminded.

Thank you to everyone who emailed, called, commented, texted, sent smoke signals to get my attention and make sure I am still alive and kicking. Ya'll are wonderful and I know I am blessed. Thanks again.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Updates and requests

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Before I move on to the trivial matters, Miss Joan's good friend had a dehibilitating accident yesterday; so for those of you who pray, please send one his way...for those that don't, good thoughts help too. All my love and light, Joan.

It seems so silly to write about other things, in light of this event; but I know I've been rather MIA for the last week or two. I haven't hardly been in front of the computer let alone had any time to compose my thoughts or words.

Work is going well. Working a switchboard for eight hours a day is tiring, but the work is easy. The people I work with are fabulous! I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I truly miss working with D and FG every day; but I definitely enjoy having a job that I can leave at work each night.

After four years of working almost exclusively with women, I finally have a job where I'm surrounded by guys. It's a nice change. I get to be a smartass and instead of it making me appear disrespectful, it makes me fit in like one of the guys. There is one guy there that totally reminds me of my brother-in-law, James. From the bad jokes to the random comments to the grin and troublemaking attitude...he keeps me laughing and it's good 'cuz i miss my sissy and her whole crew a lot these days.

There are a few non-fun people there too, but the ratio makes it okay. Sometimes I do get funny stories out of it. Case in point: The other day I had my hair in pigtails (my hair's too heavy for a single ponytail, so if it has to be up, it's either in two french braids or pig tails). I frequntly gets comments about them, but never before had i entountered this:

I'm sitting at my desk and one of the drivers comes in...Grace has dubbed him the Energizer Idiot or EI for short.

Me: Hey, good afternoon.
EI: Wow, your hairstyle is very interesting.
Me: Umm...ok, I don't know if I'm supposed to say thank you or not.
EI: Well, I mean it's like a throw back to the 70's or something.
Me: umm...ok...
EI: But I mean you pull it off in like a modern way.
Me: Umm...ok...they're pigtails.
EI: Well it's like an old look but you like totally pull it off in a modern way and make it all interesting.
Me: That's really special, but usually it doesn't get you far to tell a girl she's interesting looking...just FYI.

After he left, one of the salesmen stood up and looked at me...he was in complete disbelief that the Energizer Idiot just wouldn't shut up. I told him that this was the first time I'd even been told that my pigtails were interesting...I'm used to other comments. His response: "Well interesting certainly wasn't going to be my word. Kinky school girl seems more appropriate, but suppse some people would just find that interesting...if they don't know what else to do with it."

Have I mentioned that I love where I work? hehehe. The salesguys rock. And some of the warehouse guys and drivers are fantastic. Speaking of...I am completely infatuated. No, he's not married. Yes, he is gainfully employed. Yes, he has a good relationship with his family. And he's cute as hell. He's one of our drivers and from the first day I met him, I was smitten. It's true. He makes me laugh all the time, he's sweet, and he's a rocker boy from SoCal... sideways hat, spacers and all.

Apparently he's just as infatuated with me...

Don't worry, I'll keep ya'll updated...hopefully i will have good stories to report. I kinda like this one, mom. ;-)